Order of adventures

Here’s the projected path. Although, with these players, things can and do change. Either way, PLEASE don’t read ahead.

Council of Thieves 1 done
Mad God’s Key: Living Greyhawk done
Slave Pits of Absalom done
Adam’s Wrath done
Council of Thieves 2 done
Idylls of the Rat King done
Council of Thieves 3 done
Tower of the Last Baron: Paizo done
Revenge of the Rat King done
A1 Slave Pits of the Undercity done
Dynasties and Demagogues sample adventure done
Council of Thieves 5 done
Council of Thieves 4 done
Slumbering Tsar part I: the Desolation
slumbering Tsar: part II: the City
slumbering Part: part III: ???

original plan (the Restoration)

Council of Thieves 6
Frostfell Rift or Mud Sorceror’s Tomb (3.5)
Sepulcher of the Wizard King – APL 12 – 3.5 Living Greyhawk
Whirlpool of Madness – 3.5 Living Greyhawk
Requiem for the Red Raven (Eyes of the Ten I) – Pathfinder Sociery
Maze of the Open Road (Eyes of the Ten II) – Pathfinder Society
Lord of the Iron Fortress (converted from 3.0)

Potential new plan

Recap: scene from Slumbering Tsar
In Hell’s Bright Shadow (Part 1)
Turn of the Torrent (Part 2)
Dance of the Damned (Part 3)
A Song of Silver (Part 4)
No Response from Deepmar
The Kintargo Contract (Part 5)
Breaking the Bones of Hell (Part 6)

And we’ll see from here…player suggestions are welcome

How about Hell’s Vengeance? Same conceptual ideas. Maybe some of the PCs go to HR and others go to HV. Or villians go to HV like Tisa the Halfling lich?

Hell’s Vengeance is the opposite side, you play the pro-Cheliax side, smashing down troublesome rebels. It might be possible to include some of the villains, like Fiosa the lich, or have your own heroic characters show up to foil the villains (you)

Order of adventures

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