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Welcome to another episode of “As the World Burns”.

Having made a name for themselves as the Heroes of Westcrown, by destroying the shadow creatures of Ilnerik Sivanshin and freeing the halfling populace from slavery, the adventurers found themselves in the middle of a power struggle between factions in the rumored Council of Thieves.

The murders in the streets have escalated to an explosion of fire from the Mayor’s mansion. After investigation, our heroes have narrowly prevented the Council from gaining control of the Arch-Devil within. In exchange for the life of the city which they cared about, the players are consigned to take Duke Liebdaga’s place within the Nessian spiral, bound to power it for 101 years.

It remains to be seen how Westcrown will have changed in that time…but Duke Liebdaga has not been idle.

It appears as though a Great War has been fought, leaving little behind but Death and desolation. Still, some few survivors remain, and some of them have joined our ex-heroes. The giant Grumell had made his living as a mercenary, but found himself the sole survivor when the rest of his mercenary group went missing and the leader, the hill giant Gurg, driven mad.

The other, a tiefling known as Zarathose, is a former pit fighter, now a ‘seeker of treasures’. Not too proud for looting, the party has traveled north, where they have come upon the Chaos Rift, and the first signs of battles from ages gone by.

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Home Page

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