Character creation

Have a purpose

What’s your character about? Why would you be at a rally protesting the Lord Mayor’s new edicts?


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The reason why this is important

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While the method will be a surprise, the effect will be to send the mind of your Council of Thieves/Slumbering Tsar characters hurtling backwards through time to bond with other people. The process will drain much of their life-force, in effect giving you a gestalt first level character consisting of your mind controlling a first-level citizen of Kintargo.

Gestalt rules can be found here

Hybrid classes like bloodrager cannot be combined with their parent classes. Multi-class prestige classes like arcane trickster are just banned completely. While this might seem powerful, remember that you’re still constrained by actions/round, so the general effect is to give characters more options and more durability. With luck, sleeping in a dungeon will be a thing of the past.

additional thoughts


Check out the Player’s Guide for ideas on classes, races, etc. I will just suggest that skill points are something you will want to have. If you don’t have any, you’ll be watching other people play the game for long stretches of time.

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Life isn’t fair in Cheliax

You will live and die by the roll of the dice. But, just like in the famed play “The Triumph of Dr. Faustus”, the devil will knock three times. You will have three re-rolls throughout your career, to be used on an ability score, starting gold, or hit point roll, including rolls at levels beyond 1st.

  • Abilities = 4d6, drop the lowest die, arrange as you see fit.
  • Starting gold = roll (but take the better of your two classes)
  • Hit points = roll (but take the better of your two classes)

Character Death

Due to gestalt rules, character death can be handled differently. Much like with a magic jar spell, death of the host body edicts the mind into a new host. This provides a reason for a new PC to join the group (and be accepted by that group), and our other house rules mitigate the x2 Magic item problem.

(thanks, Eric!)

Character creation

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