Bishop Fiosa


Female lich cleric of Asmodeus

ex-Halfling female expert 1/cleric 11?

Str 9
Dex 14
Con 12
Int 10
Wis 16
Cha 15

Move 20

Simple Weapon Proficiency
Light, Medium Armor proficiency

BAB +2
CMD 12
Hps 17 + 1d8

Fort +4
Ref +4
Will +8 {10 vs fear}

Skills 15 (at third level)
3 Bluff 9
1 Craft (alchemy) 4
1 Diplomacy 6
3 Disguise 9 (11 as a human child ignoring race/age mods)
1 Heal 7
1 Knowledge (local) 7
1 Knowledge (religion) 7
3 Perception 11
1 Profession (servant) 7

Equipment (at third level)
Ring of Protection +1
+ enchanted breastplate
+ Golden crown
MW sm lt. crossbow
+ Small heavy mace
shoulder bag
alchemist fire x5
tanglefoot bag
1 potion of CLW
MW healer’s kit

Spells witnessed
zero – 4 options/day
first – 3/day + domain
second – 2/day + domain
third – fireball, dispel magic
fourth – freedom of movement, air walk, spell immunity
fifth – doomwail, flame strike, slay living
sixth – fire seeds
Domains: Fire and ?
Aura of Evil
Channel Energy 6d6 ?xday

Fiosa is a house servant who is friends with many halfling slaves, who she helps as much as possible. After Arael helped her out of a jam, she has a newfound faith in Iomedae.

She grew to be a Bishop of Iomedae during the war, and stayed behind to buy her unit time to flee the battlefield.

This abandonment weighs heavily on Thain and Old Hobb, and the seek to restore the honor of their clan.

Thus far, she’s slain two dozen halflings from the Roundbelly clan, and Titus Oberigo.

Last seen riding on a skeletal Tyrannosaur in the Dead Fields of the Desolation.

Bishop Fiosa

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