Character Name: Zarthose Campaign: As the World Burns Player: Level: 10
Class: Swordsage10 Race: Undead Alignment: LE Deity: Asmodeus
Size: medium Age: 29 Gender: Male Height: 6’6"
Weight: 260 pounds Eyes: empty sockets Hair: none Skin: none
Name Ability
Score Ability
Modifier Temp
Score Temp
Wounds/Current HP
STR 24 7 HP 77 0 40/20
DEX 23 6 AC 32/34 = 10 + 4 + 4 + 6 + 0 + 2 + 2 if good + 6 Damage Reduction
CON - 0 Total Armor Shield Dex Size Natural Deflect Misc 5/bludgeoning
INT 16 3 Total Dex Misc Experience Points
WIS 8 -1 Touch 26 Flat-Footed 26 Initiative 12 = 6 + 7 120,961
CHA 10 0
Saving Throws Total Base
Save Ability
Mod Magic
Mod Misc
Mod Temp
Mod Conditional Modifiers CMB Total BAB Str Size Misc
undead, 4 channel resistance,cold immune 15 = 8 + 7 + 0 + 0
Fortitude 6 = 3 + 0 + 3 + + +2 CMD Total BAB Str Dex Size Misc Base
Reflex 16 = 7 + 6 + 3 + + +2 31 = 8 + 7 + 6 + 0 + 0 + 10
Willpower 9 = 10 + -1 + 3 + + +2 Spell Resistance 0 Base Attack Bonus 8
Attack Attack Bonus Damage Critical
MW Spiked chain +19 2D4
18 20/2X
Range Type Notes
10’ P -3/9 Power attack, +3 divine favor
Attack Attack Bonus Damage Critical
Unarmed +17 d6
15 20/2X
Range Type Notes
HTH B -3/6 Power attack, +3 divine favor
Attack Attack Bonus Damage Critical
MW Greatsword +16 2d6
Range Type Notes
HTH S -3/+9 Power attack, +3 divine favor
Armor/Protective Item Type AC Bonus Max Dex
mage armor 4
Check Penalty Spell Failure Speed Weight Special Properties

Shield/Protective Item AC Bonus Weight Check Penalty
shield 4
Spell Failure Special Properties

Feats Special Abilities
1st Kung Fu Genius 9th: Power Attack
3ed Adaptive Style 11th: Toughness
5th Exotic weapon Flaw:-2 on ranged=Vital Recovery
7th: Shadow Blade
2nd chance
Numeric Gift (7)
Languages Draconic
Common Halfling
Other Possessions
Item Wt Item Wt
Cruel Spiked Chain 15 Wand CLW .750K 1
0 Ring of spell storing 0
0 w/ shield, divine favor 0
Load Medium
Load Heavy
Load Lift Over
Head Lift Off
Ground Push or
153pd 306pd 460pd 460pd 920pd 2,300pd
PP – , GP – , SP – , CP -

Skill Name Key
Ability Skill
Mod Ability
Modifier Ranks Misc
Acrobatics† Dex 27 6 12 3+2+4
Appraise Int 10 3 4 3
Bluff Cha 2 0 0 2
Climb Str 26/36 7 6 2+3+8
Craft Int 3
Craft Int 3
Craft Int 3
Diplomacy Cha 0 0 0
Disable Device* Int 6 3 0 3
Disguise Cha 0
Escape Artist† Dex 16 6 10
Fly† Dex 6
Handle Animal* Cha 0
Heal Wis -1
Intimidate Cha 5 0 0 2+3
Knowledge* Arcane Int 10 3 4 3
Knowledge* Religion Int 10 3 4 3
Knowledge* Nature Int 10 3 4 3
Knowledge* Planes Int 10 3 4 3
Knowledge* Dungons Int 13 3 7 3
Linguistics* Int 3
Perception Wis 14 -1 15 2
Perform K Nobilty Cha 10 0 4 3
Perform K History Cha 10 0 4 3
Perform K. Enginering Cha 7 0 1 3
Profession* K.Local Wis 10 -1 1 3+3
Profession* K Geophery Wis 7 -1 1 3
Ride† Dex 9 6 4
Sense Motive Wis 10 -1 11 3
Sleight of Hand*† Dex 19 6 12 2
Spellcraft Int 18 3 12 3
Stealth† Dex 23 6 12 3+2
Survival Wis 5 -1 6
Swim Str 16 7 6 3
Use Magic Device Cha 12 0 12
x + – K – Martial Lore [Edit] Int 21(23) 3 13 3/2

  • Trained Only † Armor Check penalty applies
    Conditional Modifiers
    Known Spells Spell Save Arcane Spell Failure %
    Domain/School 1: Domain/School 2: Spells
    Known Spell
    Save DC Level
    Per Day Bonus
    Shadow Hand Stone Dragon 0 0
    Diamond Mind 5th
    Caster Level Initator level =10 Concentration Martial Lore = 21 Spell Resistence Check Conditional Modifiers
    Spells Known
    0: Stances 2: Action before thought 4: Ruby Nightmare Blade 7:
    Island of Blades Emerald Razor Searing Blade
    Step of the Wind Shadow Jaunt Comet Throw
    Spider Stance
    Hearing the Air

5: Disrupting Blow 8:
Elder Mountain Hammer
Leaping Flame
1: Shadow Blade Technique 3: Mind over body
Sudden Leap Soaring Raptor Strike
Perfect Mind Death Mark

6: 9:

Zarthose is a Teifling, Someone born with Demon blood. He’s unaware of his true parentage since he was raised by MaMa Gertie. A Hag of true power, unwavering EVIL and overbearing “Love”.

She once answered his questions about his birth parents with the statement…" They were unworthy " . Suggesting she may have helped them on in the circle of life. MaMa Gertie made sure to make up for any possible failings his birth parents may have had., and when her attention was distracted, her sister Marthie was there. Zarthose was “lucky” enough to never have a moment to wonder if his life was unfair or not. Morning chores only lasted 4 hours till it was time for “school”, failure to listen properly was punishable by a quick trip to the rack- set in the kitchen so MaMa would not have to take time away from her cookin.
Zar quickly learned to pay attention, but he had a rebellious streak that could not be beaten, whipped or burned out of him. MaMa Gertie gave it her best try though. Afternoons were spent learning “Life Skills” as she called them. Zar felt that being tied to a post with 10’ rope while ghoul wolves tried to eat him was a bit unfair. “WHO TOLD YOU LIFE WAS FAIR ?”, "Pray to the gods if you want fairness ". The gods never answered. Still, it was clear she did love him, or at least enjoyed controlling every moment of his life. Zarthose grew larger and stronger, and learned his lessons well. He progressed in his “life lessons” to fighting tougher and tougher opponents. His reward for success was a daily meal, sometimes two. MaMa Gertie was never pleased though…. For while he was cunning and strong, he could not suppress his desires. Freedom and the right to chose his own path were his true goals. She punished him fiercely for this, claiming it hurt her more than him… It sounded like this had happened to Mama Gertie before, but when Zarthose asked about this, he received the most savage beating of his life.
The attention of Mama Gertie and her sister had an effect over time. Zarthose became faster and stronger, able to anticipate what was coming with her love, or at least her attention- which was the same thing. Trips to the rack happened more and more. She avoided his face, which she claimed was the “The most handsome face of any boy EVER”. The way the kitchen slaves reacted to his face led him to believe they saw something else. He kept notes on everything, MaMa insisted he have a Journal, a habit witch would be more useful later in life.
Young Zarthose yearned for more in life, so he made his plans, plotted and then made his move one moonless night. On the night of (X) the same night as his birth, he stole from her house leaving behind the only home he had ever known. though he was only 13, Zarthose was already the size of a grown man, but had all the wisdom of any teenager. Only two weeks into his glorious freedom, and he was caught by a pack of Gnolls, and sold into slavery. Three gnolls were needed to sudue him, and rather than the stew pot, they got a better price from the PIT. Thus started his second phase of life.
The PIT was the arena ruled over by gnolls- who’s language he spoke a few words of. Though not one of the yeah, his obvious infernal traits for once acted in his favor. Had he been a gnoll, he might have been one of the Yensheeli. But he was not, and so the spoke to him with the language of the whip, which he understood.. His training started before dawn, and ended only when ether he or his opponent lay senseless on the ground. Master fighters, marital artists and assassins were all employed by the arena, and they taught him well.
This was a time of joy for Zarthose, food was served EVERY DAY, TWICE. Then he was allowed to give in to his anger, encouraged to beat his opponents senseless. Rewarded with better sleeping quarters, better weapons and MORE FOOD. He grew stronger, larger and more cunning. On his 17th birthday, marked by the same number that was a birthmark on his chest . He was graduated to the Pits, allowed to fight in the arena for real, in front of the crowds. His brutal upbringing served him well, and his Terrifying face both handsome and monstrous also served him well. He did well in the arena, and his success got him earmarked for special training- Exotic weapons, unarmed combat and better instructors. After his childhood, their “harsh” training seamed like the gentle nudges of a light breeze. He barely spent any time on the rack, and sometimes would beat one of the gnoll guards unconscious just to see if they really still cared about him. They showed him their love the same as MaMa used to.
While life was good in the pit, Zarthose still yearned for freedom, and he pushed his owners to enter him in the toughest of battles, earning him a place in the highest ranks. One day his perseverance paid off, his owners agreed to let him compete in the “SIXTEEN” . Sixteen of the toughest gladators competed against each other in a series of fights to the death. The owner of the winner received a huge pot, and the one survivor received his freedom. His owners got rid of a troublesome slave, and won renown and wealth. Zarthose struggled against foe after foe, never calling apon the gods to aid him. If they had shunned him his whole life, then he would earn his freedom without their help. He fought unarmed against an Ogre and then a savage ghoul by moonlight. His next foe was a worg-riding hobgoblin. Now the only ones left were the truly skilled. He fought them all, and defeated each in turn. That was the most glorious moment of his young life, listening to the cheers of the crowd…He knew joy. Then they struck off his chains of slavery, gave him his weapon of choice- Bertha the ball and chain, a cruel and terrifying tool he used to smash his foes.
Now 25 years of age, Young Zarthose had the freedom he had fought for for so long. What to do with it ?
As the young teifling wandered for the next few years, he found his way as a bodyguard, a personal combat instructor and as a dungeon delver. Always demanding a good fee for his work, the only jobs he did for free was killing slavers- He now felt slavery was a true crime, punishable with the ultimate price. He keep notes on everything he did, Hoping to find some purpose in it all. He focused on his dungonering skills the most…finding traps, picking locks and learning an almost supernatural sense of alertness. While the local townsfolk may have wanted to close there gates to his face, few turned away his gold. Loneliness was his only foe now, and he longed for true companions. He saw others in the world, able to sleep without fear, a friend to guard their backs. Now he set himself to that goal next. How to make a friend ? With a face that scared the moon from the sky, and made werewolves run in terror, Zarthose knew it would not be an easy task.
Created by udalrich
Derived from Takissis’ D&D 3.5 Sheet and ChainsawXIV’s list implementation.
GM + eak, Kevtor, doddwaco, and fellwalker

Zarthose can see someones lifeforce, so he always tell when someone is close to death. This gives him a very grim view on relationships. It also helped him in the arena, he could cherry pick his opponents in a grand melee. Picking out the weaker for a quick kill, or seeing who is the strongest, For single combat.
GM + Zarthose

Journal entry 9

Aunt Marthie mentioned that hags were strongest in threes. Maybe there was another sister? Why won’t they talk about her?

Journal entry 18

The Yesh have moved into the Grunge. They are offering good coin to the hobgoblins and others to fight. Hobgoblins are strong in numbers, but one?

Journal entry 31

I snuck off to see today’s fight. The bird woman did not look like much, but a flight and archery was more than the beast man could deal with. He died like a coward, screaming and rolling on the ground.

Journal entry 37

I must find a way out of the city. There are many guards, but they lack will. They attack those who enter the city, but do they attack those leaving? It must be the walls, Malerix guards the Black Gate.

Journal Entry 41

The Desolation is dangerous. Unlike the tower of Kirash Giraut and the Black Gate, the dangers in the Desolation move. They hunt.


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