Chelish Human male expert 1

Str 13
Dex 15
Con 12
Int 15
Wis 12
Cha 8

Move 35 (7)

Simple Weapon Proficiency

Fort +1
Ref +2
Will +3

Handle Animal 4
Heal 5
Knowledge (history) 6
Knowledge (local) 6
Craft – Woodworking 6
Perception 5
Sense Motive 5
Survival 5
Swim 5

Gear:handmade clothes, woodcarving kit, dagger,

Vitti is a odd man who is often seen wandering the tidal flats and marshes along the river looking for wood either washed up or from deadfalls for his woodcarvings. Raised on a farm just outside the city Vitti grew up having a healthy respect for being connected to the soil. His family made a decent living for themselves being far enough from the city to avoid the crime and bureaucracy but close enough to benefit from patrols and trade allowing them to live along the Adivian River for hundreds of years. Vitti enjoyed this life until his twelveth year when the Adivian River flooded its banks and innundated his home. Vitti’s family was used to rare but periodic floods but severe storms caused the river to grow tumultous and the young Vitti found himself pulled into the swells as lightning rippled across the sky and thunder roared and cracked the winds themselves. Search as they might Vitti’s family could not find the boy until Vitti’s grandfather prayed to the spirits of the Green Faith and Vitti’s body was swept by a large wave into the branches of a large oak miraculously alive.
Days later found Vitti’s family homeless and desperate amid the poor of Westcrown’s Rego Crua and Vitto, well, different. Vitto woke from fitful sleeps shaking, refused to eat anything not grown or gathered directly, and insistant on dying his hair green with river grasses. In time the young teen was left the only one of his clan alive. Today Vitti is known as much for his oddity as he is for his craftsmanship carving and shaping the wood that he gathers. Revealing the voices and conversations within the wood Vitti produces objects of beauty and disquieting presence that many within the city appreciate and purchase making Vitti a modest income. Vitti himself says little on the subject of whether he hears these voices or sees these visions that are revealed in his works, he merely carves and discovers the substance of his work when he has ceased.
Vitti has known Janiven for a while but he was surprised when he finished a carving and knew that it was for her. He has been an ally to the cause since.

Sadly Vitti was killed exploring the Westcrown sewers


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