House rules - mechanics

House rules – Mechanics


Needs to be fast and cinematic. At higher levels, this is especially important.
Incorporeal creatures no longer have a 50% miss chance, that’s SO 3.5. My bad. Instead, they take half damage from enchanted weapons and spell effects. (Full from ghost touch weapons, force effects, and holy water; none from mundane weapons)
Double damage is now fixed. Assume you rolled the maximum on all dice, then add twice the bonuses. For triple damage, Multiply maximum dice by 1.5, then add triple bonuses. This will speed critical hit resolution. Remember, extra dice (sneak attack, flaming weapons, etc) are NEVER multiplied.

Iterative Attacks:

When a PC gets his first iterative attack (at BaB +6), he gets the ability to take a full attack and a -2 penalty to all attacks for the round to gain another attack at full BaB.

This attack functions similarly to Flurry of Blows, Two Weapon Fighting, and Rapid Shot, and stacks with these abilities. Also compatible with Haste.

When the character would normally get subsequent iterative attacks (at BaB +11 and +16), he instead reduces the penalty for taking iterative attacks by 1 (e.g., a character with BaB +11 can take an extra attack at only a -1 penalty to all attacks).


There are no longer arcane scrolls and divine scrolls. There are just scrolls. If it’s on your spell list, you can cast it. Or make a Use Magic Device check. Or sit down.


Kneeling gives you half the penalties for being prone (-2 to attack/+2 to get attacked). It is a move action to kneel, and a move action to stand from kneeling, neither of which provoke. This means you can spend a turn to go from prone to kneeling, kneeling to standing, and then take a five foot step.

House rules - mechanics

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