Character creation

Westcrown has been destroyed, and there is but a smoking ruin in its place. The metropolis which some of you were accustomed to is no more. There are no shops, sages, merchants, or libraries.
As a result, any purchase will require a source. This includes the new spells that an arcane spellcaster would normally learn when gaining a level.

This extends to new characters. Replacement characters must be found, they do not simply appear. Once you find a settlement, there will be more options available.

Extra race = tiefling There are a great variety of tiefling types withing the campaign setting. The one constant is that they are universally despised and unwanted.

Life isn’t fair in Westcrown. You will live and die by the roll of the dice. But, just like in the famed play “The Triumph of Dr. Faustus”, the devil will knock three times. You will have three re-rolls throughout your career, to be used on an ability score, starting gold, or hit point roll.

  • Abilities = 4d6, drop the lowest die, arrange as you see fit.
  • Starting gold = roll.
  • Hit points = roll.

We’ve decided to use a flaw system. So, you can take one flaw, and along with the penalties, you may take an additional feat. E-mail me for details.

You will also have the option to suggest three 3.0/3.5 feats, skills, items, or prestige classes. In general, I ban things that don’t fit the setting (e.g. lasers) and things I know to be broken (e.g. divine metamagic abuse)

Character creation

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