the Blade of Von Selar

An invisible dagger

weapon (melee)

An invisible dagger


The Blade of Von Selar
The Pathfinders tell you that the last reference to that item was that it was in Delvehaven three months before the death of Aroden, (the last inventory available). Records immediately following are scarce, and the set of Chronicles provided to them by Roy have not fully been studied as of yet.

The Blade of vonSelar was not among the things you reported, so the logical assumption is that it was either taken by Ilnerik Sivanshin when he left, or stolen by House Thrune when they closed the place. Because they are not allowed to operate in Chelish territory, that is all that they know with certainty. Divinations reveal that the dagger does still exist, and is not within the lodge, but is within the nation of Cheliax. Other than that, they have no current information, but are confident that it can be found once again when the tides of Chelish politics turn.

For Info on someone who might know: KS-Local 32

There is a diviner within Westcrown, a man by the name of Sandor. Some call him the Strange, but not to his face. If any can find the information you seek, your informants are confident it is he.

However, you stabbed him in the heart, and he bled to death in Walcourt.

For info on the blade: KS-Local 26

the Blade of Von Selar

The blade’s origins are lost to antiquity (or someone with better research skills) but it seems clear that the blade has had multiple owners through the years.

It has been used in at least two high-profile assassinations, due to the ease with which it can be concealed. While unconfirmed, it is believed to have been in the possession of the ghost of Katapesh, a burgular of legendary skill. While he was never seen to have used the blade, he claimed it was among the treasures he stole from the minotaur sorceror Dragoneye.

The Blade is difficult to examine directly, but the intricate needlework of the grip suggest Elven manufacture. The original scabbard is long lost.

the Blade of Von Selar

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