Militia uniform of Piren's Bluff

given to all members of the militia


Most wealthy countries with standing armies have a different uniform for use in showy noncombat situations such as parades, coronation ceremonies, and so on. The appearance of this armor varies by the country of origin and the branch of the military, but still provides some protection in case the soldier needs to fight while in parade dress. There is also a version for arcane casters.

Light Armor

MW Parade armor 175 gp
armor bonus +3
max dex +5
armor check penalty -1
arcane spell failure 15%
movement 30 ft
weight 20 lbs.

Light Armor

Silken ceremonial armor 180 gp
armor bonus +1
max dex -
armor check penalty 0
arcane spell failure 0%
movement 30 ft
weight 4 lb

Benefit: If you’re wearing a country’s parade armor, you gain a +2 circumstance bonus to Diplomacy and Intimidate checks to influence a person from that country.

image stolen from Deviantart


Militia officers are also issued the following items:

MW silvered longspear
MW backpack
MW mithril-toed boots
signal whistle

Members of the militia are expected to attend the two-week muster at midsummer, and to attend any mustering of the militia, which is only done in times of dire need.

Militia uniform of Piren's Bluff

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