Malthindor, Oblivion's Blade

A black metal blade, capped with a pommel of etherstone


Malthindor is a masterwork longsword, and has additional powers for a user attuned to its use.
Attuning a new user to the blade takes 24 hours.


This gradually tapering grey metal blade was last seen in the hand of Lord Eccardian Drovenge, as he pulled it from the ribs of Roygart Holman.


Forged by the Mage-priests of Azlant, this was the sword of their leader, Yagrax. Made from a dark, unreflective metal, Malthindor is a long, narrow blade that tapers gradually to a point. When brought near magical light, strange grey runes appear even as the light dims, almost as if the magic was being absorbed.

The crosspiece is made of the same black metal, curving in toward the hilt at the ends. The grip is not bound in any kind of leather, instead two sets of parallel lines have been etched into its surface. A faceted green etherstone adorns the pommel, Set inside a cold iron ring.

Malthindor, Oblivion's Blade

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