Viggo Blackbriar

"This is hell."



Viggo is a slightly hunched halfling with a shaved head, and sharp green eyes. His face is marred by a myriad of scars; in particular his mouth has been turned into a hideous permanent grin. He walks with a slight limp, his left leg dragging a bit. The halfling always carries a musty, battered old skull that he refers to as Roy.

Urban Ranger 4/Ninja Knife Fighter 3/Invisible Blade 4
N Halfling Member of The Cult of Thamir Gixx
Init +6; Senses Perception + 18 (20 in WC)

AC 28, touch 18, flat-footed 22 (+ 4 armor, + 5 Dex, + 1 size, + 3 Level, + 2/4 Prowess, + 2 Natural Armor)
AC w/buckler: 30
Total Defense: 34
hp 95
Fort + 12, Ref + 20, Will + 11

Speed 20 ft. (30’ with Longstrider)
Melee Blade of Von Selar + 17/+ 12 (1d3 + 6/17-20)
-TWF BVS + 15 (1d3 + 6/17-20) & “Thorn” Magic Wooden Dagger MW + 12 (1d3 + 2)
Ranged: MW composite longbow + 17/+ 11 1d6 + 2

Stats STR 16, DEX 20, CON 16, INT 11, WIS 15, CHR 14

Feats: Toughness, Quick Draw, Two Weapon Fighting (Ranger Combat Style), Point-blank Shot (Ninja Trick: Combat Trick), Precise Shot, Weapon Focus-Daggers (Flaw), Leadership, Iron Will, Improved Critical-Daggers

Acrobatics + 22
Bluff + 16 (+ 2 vs. humans)
Diplo + 15 (+ 2 Gather Info for tracking humans)
KS: Local + 12 (+ 2 in Westcrown; + 2 for humans)
Perc + 16 (+ 2 in Westcrown; + 2 vs. humans)
Stealth + 24 (+ 2 Westcrown)
SM + 12 (+ 2 vs. humans)
Use Magic Device + 18
#Climb + 10
#Disable + 12
#Intimidate + 8
#SoH + 7 (+ 1 w/light blades, + 2 w/daggers, + 2 for baggy clothing = + 12)

• Well-informed: Viggo makes it a point to know everyone and to be connected to everything around him.
• Successful Shirker: Born and raised a halfling in Westcrown with no hope of advancement, Viggo is adept at avoiding his human overseer’s ire and attention, the better to spend time on his own interests.

Fame: 12

  • Children of Westcrown 4
  • Green Dagger Guild 1
  • Church of Asmodeus 1
  • The Vermillion 1
    Leadership Score: 12 (Level 11 + 2 Cha + 1 Ring of Command – 2 death of a co-hort)

Ranger Abilities: Favored Enemy-Human (Slaving scum!!), Wild Empathy (+ 5), Social Tracking (+ 16, + 18 for humans), Favored Community-Westcrown, Trapfinding (+ 2), Hunter’s Bond-Animal Companion

Ninja/Knife Master Abilities: Sneak Attack 2d8, Hidden Blade (replaces Poison Use), Sneak Stab, Blade Sense (replaces No Trace), Ki Pool (3 points)

Invisible Blade Abilities: Sneak Attack 2d8, Unfettered Defense, Bleeding Wound + 1, Uncanny Feint, Feint Mastery, Far Shot

Languages: Common, halfling, draconic (from Delvehaven book)

Legacy Items
The Blade of Von Selar-Invisibility 1/day (CL 5)

Roy’s skull
melee weapons: Dagger of Von Selar & “Thorn”-magic wooden dagger (wrist sheaths)
armor: masterwork mithral chain shirt
shield: MW buckler
head slot: crown of blasting
headband slot: none
wrist slot: XX
waist slot: blinkback belt
feet slot: boots of teleportation
shoulder slot: MW Tool-Stealth (cloak)
chest slot: MW Tool-Acrobatics (weighted vest)
body slot: none
neck slot: amulet of the spider
hand slot: spiked gauntlet
Ring #1: ring of feather falling
Ring #2: ring of command
efficient quiver (worn)
—MW club (quiver)
—MW composite (+ 2) longbow
sap (tucked in belt)
MW Tool-UMD (chapbook)
bandolier-holds 10 daggers (worn-chest)
—masterwork daggers x4 (bandolier)
—MW silver daggers (no damage penalty) x2 (bandolier)
—akronium daggers x4 (masterwork, +1 fire damage)
—cold iron daggers x2
—poisoned daggers from Walcourt x3
—magic wooden dagger
handy haversack (worn)
—alchemist fire (HH)
—smoke sticks x2 (HH)
—sun rods x4 (HH)
—oil of taggit (HH)
—drow poison (HH)
—masterwork thieves tools (HH)
—continual flame gems x5 (HH)
—50’ foot silk rope (HH)
—grappling hook (HH)
—wand of longstrider (HH)
—Wand of CLW (HH)
—Scrolls (HH): darkvision x2
—amulet of protection of evil (HH)
—cure light wounds (HH)
—protection from evil (HH)
—remove disease (HH)
—owl wisdom (HH)
—holy water x4 (HH)
—alchemist fire x2 (HH)

UBP Chart
1. -
2. DEX + 1
3. CON + 1, Prowess-Defense + 1
4. AC + 1, Saves + 1
5. DEX + 1
6. CON + 1, Blade of Von Selar + 1
7. AC + 1, Saves + 1, Prowess-Defense + 1
8. DEX + 1, WIS + 1
9. Blade of Von Selar +1, “Thorn” +1, Prowess +1
10. AC + 1, Saves + 1
11. Dex +1 (20), Con +1 (16), Str +1 (17), Prowess +1 (Defense)
12. AC +1, Blade of Von Selar +1, “Thorn” +1 (Wis bump: 16)
13. Dex +1 (21), Saves +1, Prowess +1
14. Con +1 (17), AC +1, “Thorn” +1
15. Dex +1 (22), Con +1 (18), Str +1 (18), [1st Attack] +1, Prowess +1
16. Dex +1 (23), Con +1 (19), Str +1 (19), AC +1, Saves +1 (Con bump: 20)
17. Dex +1 (24), Con +1 (21), Str +1 (20), AC +1, Prowess +1
18. Dex +1 (25), Con +1 (22), AC +1, [1st Attack] +1, “Thorn” +1, Prowess +1
19. Dex +1 (26), Con +1 (23), Str +1 (21), AC +1, Prowess +1
20. Dex +1 (27), Con +1 (24), Str +1 (22), AC +1, “Thorn” +1, Prowess +1 (Dex bump: 28)

Build Plans
L1 Toughness
L3 (R2/Ro1)— Quick Draw;® TWF
L4 (R2/Ro2)—combat trick-PB Shot
L5 (R3/Ro2)—Precise Shot [favored terrain]
L6 (R3/R3]—Flaw-WF: daggers, [+ SA]
L7 (R4/Ro3)—Leadership; [Hunter’s bond]
L8 (R4/Ro3/IB1)
L9 (R4/Ro3/IB2]—Iron Will,[improved feint]
L10 (R4/Ro3/IB3)-(Feint Mastery, + SA)
L11 (R4/Ro3/IB4)—Improved Critical-Daggers (+ Far Shot)
L12 (R4/Ro3/IB5)-(+ improved uncanny feint, + SA)
L13 (R4/Ro4/IB5)—Skill Focus: Bluff? Shadowstrike?; Ninja Trick-Finesse Rogue
L14 (R4/Ro5/IB5)-(+SA)
L15 (R4/Ro6/IB5)-feat (extreme dagger throw, + SA)


At first glance, Viggo looks like your typical, half-starved, beaten-down Wescrani halfling. Hunched over, he wears several layers of ragged, grey clothing and carries a walking stick with him to compensate for his limp. A worn cap sits atop his shaved head, and a battered pack is hung across his back. He is always accompanied by huge mastiff named Rufus.
But his humble appearance hides his true nature. The charmed dagger of Von Selar, invisible to the mundane eye, is tucked away in a wrist sheath. Under his rags are hidden at least another dozen razor sharp blades. His walking stick is actually a cudgel. On his chest is tatooed the word “Freedom” in halfling. On his back is a detailed woodland scene with a sinister atmosphere, like the haunted forests from fey stories. As you stare at it, you can almost see something, a hidden design . . . is that a black dagger? (KS: Religion DC 25!!)

“Someday someone’s going to pay for what’s been done to my people. When that day comes, I suggest you be long gone from this place.”
On the word “Halfling”: "Sure, it’s insulting. Clearly it’s an attempt by the humans to belittle us; we’re “half” the size so “half” as capable or maybe “half” as important. But we’ll throw that name back in their smug human faces. And when their houses are burning down and their children are weeping in the street, we’ll be standing there with our bare feet on their throats . . . and we’ll smile and say, ‘Halfling’."

Young Viggo grew up in Halftown not knowing he was poor. Everyone around him was the same way. And the fact that he had to doff his cap when the Big Folk walked by seemed the way of the world. It wasn’t until his brothers got mixed up in the Bread Riots that he saw Westcrown as it truly was: a hell for halflings.
Tiggy and Beebo were just looking for some food for the family. Sure, things might have gotten a little rough, but the way the Hell Knights handled the situation . . . well, that was just way outta bounds. When Viggo went searching through the carnage after, it was like a scene from a nightmare. There were dead and broken halflings everywhere. He puked twice just trying to get through the square. But there was no Tiggy and no Beebo. Some of the survivors Viggo talked to thought that they saw the Hell Knights shoving folks into wagons. Viggo’s mamma went to the “officials”, but no one seemed to know anything about any halfling prisoners. She gave up asking them after six months, and she gave up looking altogether after a year. Mamma was never really the same after that.
But Viggo didn’t stop looking. And it was the looking that taught him what Westcrown was really about. How his people were sold at auction by the dozens. How many barely even noticed that halflings existed, and those that did usually saw them as vermin. By the time Viggo was old enough to take care of himself, he had grown angry.
It was time someone did something about the situation. And Viggo felt pretty sure he was the halfling for the job.

Viggo Blackbriar

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