x - Ulric

9th level ex-Paladin (Divine Defender)


Neutral / Good

STR 18
DEX 13
CON 17
INT 14
WIS 16
CHA 23

HP 79
AC 26
Init 1

REF 11

Bluff: 15
Climb: 1
Diplomacy: 15
Heal: 8
Knowledge (Nobility): 8
Knowledge (Planes): 12
Knowledge (Religion): 8
Perception: 13
Sense Motive: 14
Spellcraft: 8
Survival: 12
Swim: 1

Additional Traits
Exotic Weapon: Shield Throwing
Improved Unarmed Strike
Power Attack (-3 AB, + 6 Dmg)
Leadership (16) (Cohort: 11th lvl or Uther’s – 2) (Followers: 25 1st lvl, 2 2nd lvl, 1 3rd lvl)

Conspiracy Hunter
Fast Talker
Heart of the Wilderness (+ 1/2 lvl to Survival, +5 Con to stabilize, + 1/2 lvl to Con for Death)
Militia Veteran
Scholar of the Great Beyond

Special Abilities
Heart of the Wilderness (+ 5 to stabilize, die at -21)

+ 1 Mithril Longsword (13/8 AB, 1d8+6 Dmg, 19-20 x2 Crit, Slashing)
+ 1 Returning, Mithril, Thrown Heavy Shield (9 AB, 1d6+4 Dmg, x2 Crit, Blunt, 20 Ft.)
Mithril Fullplate
Ring of Protection +2
Belt of Golarion (Load-Light 200, Medium 400, Heavy 600, Over Head 600, Lift 1,200, Push/Drag 3k)


Ulric is an enigma wrapped in a puzzle when it comes to being a Paladin. Ulric hails from Olfden in central Andoran. Growing up he was always interested in the tales of unsolved mysteries that usually would lead Ulric into trouble that luckily he could talk his way out of with his silver tongue. When Ulric became of age he joined the town’s militia after all the tales his father would tell him of his service in the military. With only a few months of training under his belt the Olfden Militia was ordered to the Candlestone Caverns to help stem a wave of abominations from the Darklands. During this time Ulric displayed exceptional bravery, valor, and honor that earned the notice of Iomedae. From that time on Ulric has been bestowed paladin hood despite his natural unpaladin like qualities. Through his tours of duty he has served both Andoran and Iomedae by furthering the cause for freedom. During this time he met the love of his life, Helen.

Helen has gone missing from a recent mission to investigate devil & demon activity in the Whisper Woods of eastern Cheliax. Ulric has also gone missing after hearing of her ill fate. Intelligence sources report that a man had surfaced in Longacre on the edge of the Whisper Woods to investigate the disappearance of Helen’s unit, and spending time studying scriptures on the other planes of existence. This individual though doesn’t appear to resemble Ulric, but it is rumored that he has holy power despite his demeanor and was involved in disrupting a slave caravan passing through. One of the slaves freed from the caravan was reported to be a high ranking member of the Pathfinder’s Society. Shortly thereafter both have left Longacre.

My Dearest Helen

x - Ulric

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