Westcrown - Tarvi

A smiling Chelish woman with black hair and hazel eyes adorned in stylish fashion, tasteful jewelry and a book under her arm.


Female Chelish Human of 20 years from Westcrown
Commoner 1/wizard 4
Chaotic Good worshipper of Abadar (her parents’ faith) and Nethys

STR: 08 a thin young woman with little muscle
DEX: 14 yet she has very precise movements especially in her hands
CON: 10 average health
INT: 16 a keen eager mind filled with curiosity and creativity
WIS: 12 sometimes more aware of her thoughts than her surroundings
CHR: 14 (+2 Racial) beautiful features with a playful witty manner

FORT: 1 Lacks stamina
REFL: 3 Moves with fluidity and grace.
WILL: 5 A strong mind.

Init: 5
HP: 14
12 Flat: 10 Touch: 12
Armor: None, Dexterity +2
Base Attack: 2

Dagger To Hit: -1 Damage: 1d4-1 Crit: 19/x2
Touch of Frost To Hit: (5) Damage: 1d3

Feats(1 + 1): Skill Focus – Craft Jewelry (human), Scribe Scroll (class), Skill Focus-Spellcraft (1st), Combat Casting (3rd), Improved Initiative (5th)

Lang (3 + 5): Common, Draconic, Varisian, Celestial, Infernal, Abyssal, Terran, Ingan, Aurian

Skills(2 wizard, 1 human, 1 Favored Class, 3 Int):
Appraise (7), Craft – Jewelry (10), Prof– Merchant (5), KS–Arcane (10), KS-Nobility (10), KS-Planes (10), KS-Religion (10), Linguistics (11), Profession-Merchant (5), Spellcraft (11)

Traits: Rich Parents

Wizard Notes
Specialist: Conjuration (Opposition: Illusion, Necromancy)

Evocation Powers
Intense Spell: +2 on damage from Evocation Spells
Force Missile: 1d4 +2 6/day

Bonded Object: Jeweled dagger

Spells per day: 1st x4, 2nd x3
Spell book
Level 1 (8): Charm Person, Magic Missile, Shield, Grease, Mage Armor, Identify, Summon Monster I, Protection from Evil
Level 2 (4): Summon Monster II, Glitterdust, Summon Swarm, Web

Gear: noble’s outfits (several dresses and outfits), traveler’s outfit (also several), 150gp in various jewelry of which she wears 15 – 55gp worth at a time, dagger in a jeweled scabbard (10gp), notebook, travelling writing set, a small library of general arcane reference texts (back in her room), artisan’s (jewelry) tools


Tarvi has been hired to work part-time running the Eldritch Emporium, and is apprenticed to Khalid Ibn Shazz. nIt is unclear how her parents will feel about this, they used to rely on her to run their jewelry shop while they manufactured new products and made arrangements for sales.

Tarvi has changed due to her time with Khalid as well as her “adventures” with the Children of Westcrown. She has become more confident and outgoing.

While Tarvi teases him constantly (particularly by ‘mooning’ over Ulric), she has a secret crush on Gorvio, one she can’t quite understand.

Westcrown - Tarvi

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