Mayor Barzilai Thrune


The new Mayor of Kintargo, a relation of Queen Abrogail I, and a known Inquisitor of Asmodeus.


Ten Things about Barzillai Thrune

When Barzillai Thrune took control of Kintargo, things quickly began to change—for the worse. The man himself is an imposing figure, and numerous rumors about his true goals in Kintargo are circulating, but listed below are 10 things that have become established facts about Kintargo’s new lord-mayor.

1. He’s a Thrune: Barzillai Thrune is a full-fledged member of House Thrune; Queen Abrogail is one of his
distant cousins.

2. He’s an Asmodean: Unlike most Thrunes, Barzillai is also a ranking member in the Asmodean church as
a powerful inquisitor. With one foot in two worlds, it’s said that neither the Thrunes nor the church completely trust him.

3. He’s got a cruel sense of innovation: Barzillai has a knack for invention and an active imagination—
particularly when it comes to methods, objects, and tools used to torture and torment infidels. The brutal
excruciation known as “doghousing” is his latest brainchild—a method of publicly executing a criminal
by having him slowly eaten by feral dogs.

4. His favorite animal is the mastiff: Barzillai is fond of dogs of all breeds, but particularly of the larger breeds,or of creatures such as hell hounds or cerberi. He’s not so fond of little dogs.

5. The littlest things can sometimes set him off: Small, inconsequential annoyances either don’t bother Barzillai at all or they cause him to fly into an unexpected and frightening rage. There seems to be no middle ground for his reaction to minor inconveniences.

6. He’s a fan of the opera: Barzillai chose the Kintargo Opera House as his home, and immediately shut
down its scheduled performances. It is said that he uses the house for private showings of his favorite operas, but no one knows who performs these shows for him.

7. He’s a lifelong bachelor: Barzillai has never taken a lover—man or woman. This has led to some speculate that he’s a eunuch, or perhaps not even a human at all. He certainly takes pains to keep his personal life secret, even from his closest allies.

8. He’s a student of Cheliax: As a member of House Thrune, Barzillai has had access to a wealth of historical documents that have been seized or later redacted by the government. He knows an astonishing amount of information about Cheliax’s history and geography.

9. He wanted to come to Kintargo: While most Thrunes would have balked at being appointed lordmayor
of a town such as Kintargo, with its remote location and reputation for rebellious thought, rumor has it that Barzillai volunteered for the position.

10. He has powerful servants: Although today he is usually seen in the company of human guards, rumors of his associating with devils, undead, and even a blue dragon persist. Certainly, the new lord-mayor of Kintargo has powerful allies.

Mayor Barzilai Thrune

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