Westcrown - Larko

Dockworker and revolutionary.


Garundi human barbarian commoner 2/1

Str 16
Dex 14
Con 14
Int 10
Wis 12
Cha 8

AC: 14
Hps: 31

Fort + 5
Ref + 2
Will + 3(5)

Initiative: + 2
Move: 40ft
MW Acheron Steel Shortspear AB+ 6 Dmg 1d6+ 4+ 1 fire crit 20/x2

  • Rage AB+ 8 Dmg 1d6+ 7+ 1 fire
    Range Attack:
    Shortspear AB+ 4 Dmg 1d6+ 3 crit 20/x2
  • 1st attack with each spear gains a +1 dmg due to whetstone.
    Net + 1 touch

Ranged Attack: Net AB +0 (touch)

Rage 6/day
Rage Power: Low-light vision
Trap Sense +1

Iron Will
Power Attack

Climb 7
Intimidate 4
Profession (Sailor) 5
Profession (Porter) 5
Perception 7
Survival 6
Swim 7
Knowledge (local) 2
Knowledge (nature) 2


MW Acheron steel shortspear
5 shortspears
leather Armor
spear thrower
marbles x3


Larko lives a simple life as a dockworker, but dreams of his childhood in the hill country to the east of the city. He speaks only when he must, and finds those who do not tiresome. Years of hard work and bad luck have toughened him to the point that nothing fazes him, and he doesn’t go down easy when pushed.

Lardko’s Garundi heritage is evident in his light brown skin, and hair starting to whiten at the temples despite his relatively young age in the early twenties. He is well muscled from his toils as a dockworker and although he keeps quiet and moves deliberately, he is very agile and quick. Although as a dockworker, he can’t afford much in the way of dress, he does wear a brightly colored vest over his chemise and a bandana on his head to keep the sweat out of his eyes while he is working.

Westcrown - Larko

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