Westcrown - Lady Chammady Drovenge

One of the leading aristocracy of Westcrown, as beautiful as she is wealthy.


- faced the PCs in the Nessian Spiral, horribly dangerous.

-met the PCs at the Mayor’s party

-met Pcs again outside Villa Zarios

-friendly to Chaumurky

records recovered at Walcourt establish her as a leader in a thieves guild (the Council of Thieves?-looks like it)

-has a mysterious relative named Eccardian Drovenge (weird that no one knows this member of a famous Wiscrani family)


Lady Drovenge is, uncharacteristically, a skilled fencer. Normally this would be an unsuitable hobby for a young lady of means, but due to her family’s position, no one would dare criticize her to her face.

in addition, losing a duel to a woman would be intolerable.

(high level Ranger/Assassin, with favored enemy human)

Westcrown - Lady Chammady Drovenge

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