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Order of the Rack is separate from the Order of the Scourge; though players seem to get them confused…


he Order of the Rack is a Hellknight order organized in 4638 AR following the disbanding of the unauthorized orders’s created by King Gaspodar to defend the frontiers of the empire. When the Order of the Scourge relocated to Citadel Demain in 4639 AR, it was given control of Citadel Rivad.12

The Order of the Rack inherited Daidian Ruel’s endless quest to destroy wasteful knowledge and indolent idealism before it can affect the simplicity of everyday life takes form in the book burnings and suppression of rebellious groups for which Cheliax has become so noted. As many counter-revolutionaries, they seek to avoid change through the elimination of any dissent and the control of information. Anyone and anything which would distract from the normal peaceful progression of existence, regardless of whether they intend good or ill, must be eliminated before it has a chance to infect and fester.3

The Order of the Scourge combats the lawless tendencies within mortal hearts through ever-present watchfulness and brutal reminders that no crime goes unpunished. The Order employs a vast network of informants, pays bounties for substantiated accusations, and publicly metes out grim punishments. Under the perfectionist Lictor Toulon Vidoc, the Hellknights frequently travel from Citadel Demain, near Egorian, to patrol crime-ridden slums and annihilate criminal organizations.1

“With anonymity and no consequences, every man becomes a criminal.”

Westcrown - Hellknights

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