Westcrown - Duke Liebdaga


A towering monster of a devil, He has a pink scar running across his abdomen, a scar inflicted rains ago from the blade of a solar.

He is fully fifteen feet tall, with a wingspan of over 22 feet and weighing over 1000 pounds. Once confined with heavy chains of adamantine wrapped around his limbs and torso, ending in heavy, rune-carved manacles that glow with ancient power, he is now free. His place in the Nessian Spiral has been taken by a group of mortals from Westcrown: Brevin, Roygart, Livia the imp, Titus Oberigo, Ulric, Helen, Viggo, Rufus, who contracted him to forego his vengeance on Westcrown.

He is the infernal Duke Liebdaga. He is mighty, and he is free.


Slayer of Wind-Duke Xenon

Master of Hellfire

Lord of the Pit

In addition to being an Infernal Duke, Liebdaga is also a skilled warrior and able general, even by the standards of his kind.

Westcrown - Duke Liebdaga

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