Westcrown - Ermolos

An incredibly muscular, hairy-chested short dark brown haired young man with shoulders like rocks and brown eyes that tend to avoid others' gaze dressed in shabby clothes that smell like soot and oil.


Male Chelish Human of 21 years from Westcrown
Expert 1
Neutral Good worshipper of

STR: 16 broad shoulders and corded muscles, this lad knows how to generate torque with a swing
DEX: 09 a slight limp hinders his movement
CON: 16(+2 Racial) a robust young man
INT: 10 apprenticed to a blacksmith so nothing learned beyond the bare necessities
WIS: 12 has a good feeling of situations even if he doesn’t understand them
CHR: 09 with his physical limp and tendency to listen rather than speak he puts people off initially

FORT: +3 in spite of a childhood illness he is quite hardy and can endure hardship well
REFL: -1 finds it hard to get out of the way
WILL: +3 stubborn and mentally thick

Init: – 1 Speed:30’
HD[hp]:1d8 + 3 + 3/ 13
AC: 09 Flat: 09 Touch: 09
Armor: None, Dexterity -1
Base Attack: 0

Warhammer To Hit: +3 Damage: 1d8 + 3 Crit: x3 Bludgeoning

Feats(1 + 1): Martial Weapon Prof. – Warhammer, Toughness

Lang (0): Common

Skills(6 + 1)(Ranks/Bonus): Craft – Blacksmithy(1/4), Craft – Weaponsmithy(1/4), Handle Animal(1/3), Intimidate(1/3), Ride(1/3), Appraise(1/4), Climb(1/7)



Traits: NA

Gear: a warhammer he made himself, artisan’s (weaponsmithing) tools, artisan’s (blacksmithing) tools, peasant’s outfit, artisan’s outfit,


Westcrown - Ermolos

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